Have you ever heard of “square foot” gardening or “raised bed” gardening? They are both methods of growing your own food in small spaces to supplement our food with local, nutritious and secure leafy greens, herbs and veggies. Both methods are soil-based, meaning that the growing is done in soil as nature intended, to infuse the plants with the most taste and nutrient levels as only the soil can do.

We are excited about “vertical gardening” as a way to grow some of our food close at hand, while taking up almost zero space. We have coined the term Vardening to describe the practice. This enables people in high density urban areas to grow food on balconies, patios, sides of garages and many out of the way places not possible otherwise. 

Vardening enables soil-based growing with the added benefit of knowing just how the plants were grown and what was sprayed (or not sprayed) on them. Food security is the outcome and vardening lets us harvest at time of peak plant maturity and nutrient levels, while reducing transportation and food waste. 

Kids need to know how food is grown and where it comes from, now more that any time in recent history. We have become disconnected from our sources of food and therefore, control over how it is grown, what is sprayed on it and how long since harvest. Vardening gives control back to all of us and is surprisingly effective for those living in higher density urban areas of the country. 

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