I’m not really pitching here as much as feeling like a proud father! Its hard to explain what its like to have an idea in your head, that becomes real and then you let go of it only to be blown away with the creativity of others in how they take hold of it and make use of it. This video was posted by Elevation Living Walls and I just have to show it off it here.

Our Varden Living Walls and Vertical Gardens have been designed and engineered for fast installation and long service life. There are still tricks to the trade and there is no substitute for experience. Our California distributor is Elevation Living Walls and they service a very different market and climate out west than we do here in the Midwest. In their hands, our Varden components are only part of the story. They create settings and surrounds that bring their walls to life like no other. I am so proud of what they create with our system!

We are working on our own videos to help customers master the installation process and go beyond the ordinary. Our YouTube channel will be populated with “How-To’s” that will launch other creative souls on their living wall journeys. Some will be just for their own home projects and many will be a new wave of dealers, installers and distributors. The world is changing fast and vertical growing for Beauty and Food will be everywhere.

Be ready! Take lots of video, post it for others to enjoy and get creative ideas! Join us!



Our friends at Elevation Living Walls and Vertical Gardens out in Southern California have put together a fantastic backyard vertical garden in a piece of space where nothing productive was being done. Have a look at the footage that they have provided and see for yourself.

I just couldn’t resist posting this because of the timing during this virus crisis and it’s outcome of home-based self-sufficiency. Not everybody is able to or would want to have a vertical garden this large but it highlights how just about any space can be utilized more productively to grow some of our own food.

As an inventor and product designer this application really gives our Varden product a good showing and I’m very proud to be offering it.