No “Greenwashing” Here. We Are The Real Deal!

Over 25 years of Inventing, Innovating, Advising and Loving the Green Building Marketplace.

We manufacture and support living walls that quickly grow over with a variety of vibrant vegetation….and stay that way with minimal effort. Empowering customers to bring Green-space, Habitat and Biophilia to the built environment is our mission.
Our Varden and GreenWay systems are designed with their entire life cycle in mind, utilizing the maximum re-cycled components in their manufacture and in deployed conditions. All of our Living Wall Systems have been conceived with the intention of establishing optimal conditions for plant health and long-term sustainability, while keeping maintenance costs minimal. They are economical to purchase initially and own over time!

Relaxing interior office with VerTexx Living Wall

Vertical Living Wall Systems

Engineered, economical components, efficient installation and excellent plant health, make our VARDEN system the most competitive in the business.

GreenWay C185 Living Retianing Wall Modules

Structural Living Wall Systems

Innovative materials, efficient handling and huge plantable fill volumes make our GREENWAY systems the best performing living retaining walls in the business.