Our BIG Vertical Gardening Idea?

August 27, 2020 by greenwallmojo0

This empty Varden Tray structure represents so much potential once planted. Similar potential to our entire venture. When utilized properly, the onlooker can scarcely pick out the underlying structure making the living wall or garden possible but the difference between the potential and the outcome is massive.

Our Vertical Gardening Story:

For the past eight years, we have been designing living walls for restaurants, hotels, and retailers who want to display beautiful ornamental plants in a unique and artistic way.

A few years ago, we noticed a surge in interest in the Varden Living Walls from organic farmers, many in urban areas, who began using our structures to grow leafy greens and herbs on rooftops or small fields. They liked the vertical concept because it saves them precious space and allows them to grow more food, in soil,  without more space.

Seeing urban farmers’ innovative use of our product inspired us. With the sustainability and local produce movement, we’ve become convinced that our focus should be on food. Knowing that nutritious, clean, food access and equality are problems in need of solutions now.

We began tweaking the Varden system to be the best Vertical Garden that everyone can use to start growing their own food even  if short on space. We are there! 

Varden Kit in Action
Varden Kit in Action


Varden with leafy greens on rooftop farm

Varden Vertical Garden Kit Ready to Ship
Varden Vertical Garden Kit Ready to Ship

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