Varden Vertical Garden and Farming Systems

Home Vardening

Get Vardening with our vertical garden box set. Includes 2′ wide x 3′ tall structural wire support panel, mounting cleats, Varden trays, irrigation, pre-cut empty mesh and an easy filler tube to easily fill socks with our proven media or your own favorite growing media.
Everything needed to quickly assemble and mount in any small space to start growing up to 36 plants. Vardening works on patios, balconies, fences and more. All components are designed, manufactured and tested to meet our specifications in providing commercial grade structure, ease of installation and great plant growth, enabling anyone to grow their own food. To get Vardening now, visit our dedicated Vardening site by clicking here.

Get Vardening

Commercial Vardening

Our 6′ tall x 4′ wide Varden support structures come in single sided, double sided and even rolling A-Frames to sustain plants grown in Varden trays or Varden Sleeves holding Ellepots or mesh socks. They are elegant solutions for efficient production on patios and back-yards but also for restaurants, garden centers and grocery stores.
We empower customers to grow food in small spaces or to display nursery grown plants to be sustained indefinitely until use or sale. If your intent is to reduce food waste and increase local self sufficiency, Varden is the right system.
We want to talk with you about your specific application and will create individual materials estimates for your project. Contact us here.

Vertical Agriculture

Varden greenhouse and vertical agriculture hardware enables maximum yield efficiency from existing greenhouse space. Engineered to be scalable in height from 3′ to 12′ and modular for easy shipping and installation. Create nursery bench replacement in 4’long increments and increase plant counts by up to 5X in the same floor space. A-Frames can be used with Varden-6 trays and Varden Sleeves depending on the crop and since they rely on Ellepot media carriers for growing media, automation and handling is scalable as well. Indoor vertical growing now has an economical alternative to flat tables and hydroponic growing.
To discuss your project or to offer Varden Vertical Farming components to your customers, contact us here.

Bagged Media

We supply empty mesh with our Home Varden Kits so customers may select their own media for sock filling. We bagged our proven growing media blend in easy to handle 1 cf bags for customers filling empty mesh for their Varden vertical gardens. Two bags will fill all 6 pieces of empty mesh in our Varden vertical garden kits. All Varden living wall systems utilize large volumes of our blended growing media. Their success in plant health is built on it. We offer our media, which has been developed and used successfully for the last several years, so that customers can be sure of growing success. For more complete information, click get Vardening now.

Planted Ellepots

We provide young edible plants for starting in Mesh Socks and Tray Ellepots. We also provide larger, ready-to-harvest edible plants in 70mm dia. (pictured) and 100mm dia. Ellepots for supply and re-supply by subscription into our home Vardening sets, Restaurant walls and Grocery structures as well. Leafy greens and herbs grown in the nursery can be easily transferred into our holder systems for growth to maturity or for live sale and harvesting at time of use. Varden empowers anyone to grow nutritious food locally and secure. For more information click get Vardening.

Empty Sock Mesh

We provide 6 pieces of empty mesh in each Varden Set. Its the same mesh we use for all of our socks and will enable excellent media containment, plant growth and longevity. Customers who wish to fill more sock for seasonal replacement of their Varden Sets, annual replacement or accent plant options can now order pre-cut mesh replacements. We ship in poly-mailer envelopes or inside additional filler tubes. You choose but don’t forget to buy the best growing media for your sock filling. We are also happy to ship filled socks in a handy 6 sock box. More information by clicking get Vardening.

Vardening Gallery

Vardening Gallery

Vertical Garden Downloads

Varden-6 Consumer Garden Box (pdf)


Varden Sock Propagation (pdf)


Varden A-Frame with Sleeve Presentation (pdf)


Varden LivingWall Spec v7 (pdf)