Varden Living Wall Systems

Varden Hardware

American Made mounting hardware for securely attaching Varden Living Walls to just about anything. Includes:
Wall Mounting Bars, Twist-Lok Keys, Structural Frames, Welded Wire Support Panels with openings to accept Trays and Sleeves, Trim, Basins, Pumps, Lighting and Irrigation.
Our components are designed, manufactured and tested to meet our specifications for providing commercial grade structures, longevity and ease of installation. Call or email for custom material package quotes unique to your project specifications.

Varden Trays

American Made, Recycled, food grade structural plastic trays designed to snap onto Varden structural support wire panels and carry the Varden 2′ mesh socks filled with Growing Media or the 1′ Ellepot Pouch.
Each tray covers .5 sf of wall area and features iintegrated receptors for drip irrigation lines and residual water retention capacity. Trays come in two versions, closed bottom for living walls and vertical gardens, or open bottom for screening / trellising. In any service application Varden Trays are very durable and last for many years indoors and outdoors.

Varden Sleeves

Our American Made Varden Sleeves cover .333 sf each and utilize the same plastic formulation, mounting hardware and wire panels as Varden trays. They offer a deeper media profile in a single 100mm x 240mm deep Ellepot. Sleeve structures can be populated to suit desired density based on species and mature top-growth, featuring integrated receptors for drip irrigation.   Sleeves can be customized for air-flow and moisture retention on a variety of “4 season” exterior Living Wall, Vertical Garden or Greenhouse applications.


Durable tubular mesh, filled with .333cf of blended growing media to support excellent living wall plant health on the finished Varden living wall. Each filled sock measures 5″ in dia. x 24″ long and covers 1 sf of vertical wall area once installed into 2 Varden Trays.
Combining the air pruning and respiration offered by the mesh, with large volumes of securely contained compost-based growing media, our socks yield excellent long-term growth of tropicals, natives and edible veggies! Extremely durable and well suited for both outdoor and indoor walls.

Varden Pouches

Our Varden Tray Ellepot Pouch is recycled paper wrapped around select growing media to support excellent living wall plant health on the finished Varden living wall or Vertical Garden. They come in a variety of sizes and paper longevities to best suit any application. We offer them in 100mm dia. x 300mm Length (12″ long) to fit one Ellepot per Varden tray and cover .5sf each. They offer similar air pruning and respiration to the mesh socks, with large volumes of growing media, Ellepots have been proven worldwide over the past 35 years to support superior long-term growth of tropicals, natives and edible veggies!

Sleeve Ellepots

Varden Sleeve Ellepots have all the same features and benefits of the Varden Ellepots, while being designed to fit the Sleeve and be inserted upright for propagation of deeper rooted vegetation. Each Sleeve Ellepot covers .333sf of plantable structure. Offered in 100mm dia. x 240mm deep for production of hemp, cannabis, woody vegetation or deeper rooted vegetables. As an option with an accessory spacer, we also offer them in 100mm dia. x 120mm deep for living walls with tropical plants, grocery display of live greens or longer duration edible corps.


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Varden Living Wall Downloads

Varden Configurations 2020 (pdf)


Varden Sock Propagation (pdf)


Varden LivingScreen Spec v2 (pdf)


Varden Living Wall Spec v7 (pdf)


Varden LivingScreen Install Guide v.3 (pdf)


Varden LivingWall Install Guide v.3 (pdf)


Varden-Unistrut Detail Book (pdf)


Exterior Section Applic-Gripple (pdf)


Typical Exterior Elevation-Gripple (pdf)


Varden Bottom Irrigation Method (pdf)